Prof.Dr.Rafiq Khanani

MBBS, M.Phil, FC Path., PhD
Professor of Pathology
Director Advanced laboratory

It gives me great pleasure to write Annual Report of 29 th Year of High Quality Clinical Laboratory and Radiology Services offered by Citilab Diagnostic Centers. Citilab has been at the forefront of many of the most important clinical services and biomedical research. These services have saved the lives of people, improved the health outcomes and supported clinical trials and research. Composed of numerous Collection Centers, Citilab provides leadership and technical support to researchers at several universities, pharmaceutical industry, non-profit institutions, and small businesses. In addition, intramural scientists conduct research on topics of their interest.

Citilab Diagnostic Center’s have impressive history of achievements over the past 29 years. Citilab has a completely dedicated team to help scientist in conducting clinical research. Our accomplishments range from early breakthroughs in HIV /AIDS, Hepatitis B, C, D and E, fertility research, to diagnosis and treatments for various diseases, to novel use of genomics to tackle emerging bacterial and viral
infections. Much of this pioneering work could only have happened due to highly qualified scientists at
Citilab. Nowhere else on earth will you find such an amazing array of scientific minds, such a heroic
legion of patient volunteers, and such a dedicated cadre of support staff, all working together to realize our vision of turning research discoveries into lasting improvements in human health.

Citilab Diagnostic Centers over the last ten years excelled in Special Immunochemistry and Molecular Pathology. In addition to the clinical services it has trained scores of scientists and technologists who have completed their Master’s and Doctorate thesis and Fellowship dissertations.

I appreciate referring physicians, scientists, staff and pharmaceutical and diagnostic industry for their trust and confidence and urge them to continue great things they have done in the past, see the hard work done today, and look forward to where all of this might take healthcare tomorrow!

Innovations and progress is transforming lives today and promising better outcomes tomorrow and Clinical Laboratories and Radiology services are leading the way. Citilab Diagnostic Centers have always been and will continue to provide high quality services to community, industry and researchers.

Inspired by the quote of President Roosevelt at the beginning of my professional career and I always uphold it “We cannot be a strong nation unless we are a healthy nation.”