About Advance Laboratory

It gives me great pleasure to introduce ADVANCED LABORATORIES (A Lab) which is offering several new and innovative products and services to Doctors, Healthcare providers and Community. My professional career in the field of Clinical Laboratories, Teaching of Pathology and provision of High Quality Services at the most economical prices is appreciated not only in Pakistan but Globally (?Internationally).

Flagship projects of my professional career includes Dow Lab, Dow Rad, Citilab Diagnostic Centre, MMI Lab, Hashamni’s Lab, Infection Control Society Pakistan, Bridge Consultant Foundation. Canadian Ultrasound Institute, Canadian Systems Training and Research Centre, Sonologix Cardiac Lab and Autism Without Borders.

Advanced Laboratories is the essence (product) of the lifelong learning from profession and community with the zeal, enthusiasm and sobriety. It is providing a broad spectrum of clinical diagnostic services including but not limited to Clinical Chemistry, Immuno chemistry, Molecular Pathology, Serology, Microbiology, Histopathology, Hematology and Coagulation Testing.


Healthcare Research, Manuscript writing, Data Analysis, Research Proposal writing, Ethical Review Committee under one roof. 

Occupational Health Services

Various occupations require a set of tests to determine fitness of workers for certain professions. We have an international team of experts to provide guidance in this regard. We offer services to provide fitness: Pre-employment Screening,  Healthcare workers in various departments of hospitals, Drivers, Security Guards, Industrial workers in Tobacco, paper, food, catering, processing, cement, construction etc.  

 Hospital Critical Areas Sterility testing

Operation theater, CSSD prepared surgical instrument kits, Labour rooms, ICU, NICU etc, require check up to detect outbreaks of infections. We have a team of infection control experts to perform sterility checks and tests to guide facilities in improving their infection control practices. We maintain strict confidentiality of such assignments. 

 Travel, Immigration and Visa

We ensure and certify fitness of candidates according to the specific needs of various countries. We follow stringent Identification criteria to prevent impersonation and fraud. Samples are collected and processed under strict condition and preserved for follow up. We are double blinding samples to ensure high quality of our reports. 

 Food and Water Microbiology Lab

We provide microbiology testing according to WHO guidelines for food and water testing. A wide range of biological and chemical tests are also done through our affiliates.

Hotels, restaurants, food catering and Kitchens

Contaminated food is a source of several outbreaks of infectious diseases and deaths which are preventable. We provide complete range of services including inspection and testing of food storage and processing areas, microbiological inspection and testing of food handlers, periodic check up of staff etc., 

 PCR testing of Fruits and Vegetables for Export: We provide sterility testing and certify products free from contamination based on PCR/genetic technology according to International Best Practices. 

Internal QC

All test batches are run according to Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and include QC samples. Results of QC are recorded and plotted on Levy genning charts which are approved by Pathologist.  

 Samples and slides storage for review and second opinion. We preserve all samples so if any result is not according to the satisfaction of physician we go back and recheck results. Hematology slides are also preserved for one week. 

 External QC

Lab take part in one of the most popular International External QC service (EQAS) for Proficiency Testing. EQAS report include results submitted by participating labs and compare results of samples received from all around the globe. It provide a comparative report so that labs can ascertain accuracy of their results and compare itself with other labs.

 As Advanced Lab is a new entity Accreditation and ISO Certification require at least six months of Proficiency testing before application for ISO can be submitted. Advanced Lab is in the process of getting ISO 9001-????? and ISO 15189 Standards which cannot be accomplished till one year of all the services is completed.